Our Summer Music Adventures start on Tuesday, July 9th!

Greetings Parents!

The start date for Summer Adventures at the JSU Music Academy is right around the corner!  I hope you and your family have been enjoying a good summer thus far.

Classes will meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10:00-11:00.  Please walk your child to Room 103 and check them in.  Students will first participate in a Group Session and then separate and explore one of their chosen instruments.  Instruments will be provided and will remain in the studios.  Our camp will culminate in a Sharing Event on August 2nd at 6:00 in Room 103.  After each session, please pick your kiddo up and sign them out.  JSU’s School of Business will be having classes at the same time, and they ask that we keep noise outside the classrooms to a minimum.

On Tuesdays we will break into the following groups:

Violin (Teacher Diane Chong)

E. Davis, S. Shealy, T. Maypole, K. Sims, J. Fiddler, J. Brittain, I. Roque

Voice/Choral (Teacher Cheryl Wight)

S. Teal, T. Teal, K. Davis, J. Smitherman, S. Smitherman, R. Underwood, D. Beaver


On Thursdays we will break into the following groups:

Piano (Teacher Estefania Wilcox)

K. Davis, S. Shealy, T. Maypole, S. Teal, T. Teal, S. Smitherman, J. Smitherman, I. Roque, J. Brittain

Ukulele (Teacher Alicia Probst)

J. Fiddler, R. Underwood, E. Davis, K. Sims, D. Beaver

Our teachers have some wonderful activities planned, and we’re going to have a wonderful time!


Dr. Wendy Freeland
Director, JSU Music Academy

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